Day 3 UMS 2014 Recap

For the second day in a row rain made its way to the skies above The UMS and for the second day in a row, we didn’t care. Bands and fans alike charged into the evening with the same fervor as always and that led to so many memorable performances…and quotes.

We’re not done yet though. Day 4 is upon us. Check out OpenAir’s calls for today, and be there.

Here’s a wrap of the action of Day 3:

UMS 2014 day three: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

UMS 2014 photos, review, video of day three: Real Estate, Baths, The Blue Rider, Zebroids and more

Underground Music Showcase Highlights, Day Three



Day 2 UMS 2014 Recap

What a day, folks. What a day.

Here are some great recaps and previews for today!:

Neither rain nor car wreck dampen Underground Music Showcase

UMS 2014 Day Two: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

Day 2 at the UMS: it rained, it was sweaty, it was classy, we loved it.

Underground Music Showcase Highlights, Day Two

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Vignettes from UMS 2014 day two: Alcohol, humanity and mosh pits

UMS 2014: What To do Between Shows

What to see at UMS




Day 1 UMS 2014 Recap


What a great start to The UMS this year! If you weren’t following the #UMS2014 hashtag you missed out. Don’t worry though, you can still purchase multi-day passes at the Box Office (21 S. Broadway).

And if you weren’t there, well, you also missed out, so get there this weekend, dammit.

Here’s a recap of…well…recaps of Day 1 of The UMS.

I’m Back! Just In Time for the UMS

UMS 2014: Photos of the people and culture on day one

Photos: 2014 Underground Music Showcase

Vignettes from UMS 2014 day one: Sharing whiskey, people watching at Sputnik and more

UMS 2014 Day One: What you saw, heard, and shared (best tweets)

UMS 2014 photos, review, video of day one: Roadkill Ghost Choir, Somerset Catalog and more

The UMS 2014: Day One

And if you’re not sure what to see the rest of the weekend, here are more link to click on.

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10 artists we want you to see at The UMS 2014

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Nightlife Denver: You Can’t Miss UMS!

UMS 2014 guide: 15 local and national acts to hear at the indie showcase






Everything You Need to Know About #UMS2014

(FAQs and Important Things To Know and Stuff)

Here, we answer about everything we can think of and includes a lot of questions we’ve received leading up to the event. If we missed anything or there’s anything else on your mind, tweet to @theums and we’ll do our very best to answer you. Maybe – if you’re lucky – we’ll even include a Wayne’s World reference.

Q: What is UMS?
A: The Underground Music Showcase (UMS) is one of the nation’s most vibrant music festivals. What started as single night of music at the Bluebird Theater 14 years ago has morphed into something truly special and memorable. For 4 days, South Broadway in Denver is taken over by a passionate community supporting bands, DJs, comedians, artists, venues and local businesses. For a more detailed history check out the About page. Here’s a list of Sponsors that make UMS possible.

Q: How many bands will be at UMS this year?
A: This year’s UMS will feature over 400 local and national bands. You can check them out on the Artists page.

Q: What venues are involved?
A: We have 20 venues supporting The UMS in 2014. Check them out on the Venues page.

Q: Where can I find a schedule?
A: The Lineup page has a full schedule of performances listed by time. You can also view a schedule and add performances to your calendar using the Official UMS 2014 App.

Q: Wait, there’s an app?
A: Yeah, you like apps right? Download it from Google Play or the Apple Store, and read a full list of features on the App page.

Q: Where should I park?
A: We actually suggest you leave your car at home. There are a myriad of ways to get to and around UMS without driving. We’ve listed a bunch of them HERE.

Q: How many rides do you guys have?
A: You’re thinking of a carnival. Next question.

Q: Are there other events besides music going on?
A: The Sesh, High Plains Comedy Festival Showcase, and the EyeRock poster art showcase just to name a few. Find out more about these on the Other Cool Stuff page or follow along on the twittersphere for live updates.

Q: Wait, you guys will be tweeting too? You’re so hip.
A: Yep. Follow us at @theUMS and the official hashtag #UMS2014. And yes. Yes we are.

Q: This is sounding irresistible. Can I still get tix?
A: Yes, but they are walk up only now. You can get 4 Day Wristbands just $75! On Thursday, the UMS Box Office opens at 6pm in the at 21 S. Broadway (Goodwill). Friday-Sunday, the UMS Box office opens at 5pm Friday and 11am Sat/Sun.

Q: Can I just come for one or two of the days?
A: Sure, but single day passes are $35, so you’re better off going all in with a 4 Day Wristband.

Q: What’s good eats around UMS?
A: REVERB has a handy list of the 10 best quick eats on South Broadway.

Q: What’s the weather gonna be like?
A: The forecast calls for warm temperatures (upper 80s, 90s) with some rain throughout. So be prepared to be hot and wet….

Q: What’s all the social media stuff again?

Official Twitter/Instagram: @theUMS

Official hashtag: #UMS2014

Official Facebook page

Official Flickr tag: dpums

Official App

Q: Have you guys seen that Prancercise video?
A: Of course we have. This isn’t last year. Prancercise is the official morning workout routine of UMSHQ

Q: What’s your favorite dinosaur?
A: Okay, we’re veering a little off topic here. Focus. Plus, it’s T.Rex. Obviously.




5 Reasons You Can’t Miss The UMS

The countdown is on, and with just 5 days to go, things at The UMS HQ are getting pretty wild. But don’t worry. We’re ready.

Are you?

Read on for 5 reasons you absolutely must be at The UMS this year.


1. The Lineup

People. We have so many freaking awesome bands this year. The lineup reads like a who’s-who of Front Range talent. And if you’re not excited about the headliners of Real Estate, People Under the Stairs and Blonde Redhead, you’re dead to us. Okay, not really.  But you might be dead as in, “lacking a pulse.”

Blonde Redhead

2. The New Stuff

The UMS is about discovery. You’re guaranteed to find some new tunes to love. And with so many of Denver’s coolest people descending upon South Broadway in pursuit of pure awesomeness, you’re bound to make some new friends too. The UMS takes place in a vibrant part of town with new places to eat, drink and be merry as well. Oh, and word on the street is Blonde Redhead has a new album they plan to fine tune (playing at our new Main Stage). So, again…new stuff.

3. The Other Cool Stuff

While you’re in the discovering mood, swing by Archer Street to discover some incredibly talented visual artists at the EyeRock: Art in Music exhibit. Snag yourself a cool screenprint or drawing to go with that cool haircut you probably already have. And hey, you can learn stuff too! Check out great educational panels from experts across a variety of industries happening at The SESH.

4. The Cool Kids Said So

Hey, we’re not above throwing a little peer pressure your way. It’s not just us who think The UMS is the place to be. The UMS has a growing reputation as a destination festival. Super popular music blog Brooklyn Vegan considers us an excuse to go to Colorado, while Paste Magazine named us 1 of 7 “smaller scale but awesome” festivals to be at this summer, nationwide. The Colorado Board of Tourism called The UMS “the perfect place to witness Colorado and Denver’s exploding music scene” while naming it a quintessential Colorado summer festival. So pretty much, you should be here.

5. The Price is Right

So if all that didn’t sell you, this last part will.

4 day passes for The UMS are just $50 presale.

50 bucks for 4 days and over 400 performances. Think about it. That’s about 13 cents per performance. Find a better deal. We dare you. Buy your passes now (they go up to $75 on Wednesday the 23rd) and you’ll be more than happy you did.

See you there!



Lineup Announced!

Welp, we’re pretty excited now. It’s July. Beer and fireworks are in the near future. Our lineup is out! CLICK HERE to view a larger version and see who is playing where and when. You have some tough choices ahead, folks, but fear not – with so many amazing acts to choose from, you can’t go wrong.

We still have more venues and bands to announce, so stay tuned. For more coverage of The UMS, visit REVERB and check out their bi-weekly feature “30 Seconds With…,” where they have video features on The UMS acts SunboyWild HighLemon FutureDragondeer and more!

Oh, and don’t forget to buy your 4-Day Passes before we sell out!

Celebrate Independence. Support Independents!

It’s only Wednesday but we already know where your head’s at. Friday you get to BBQ, play with sparklers, and drink your sadness from the USMNT World Cup loss away.

This Friday, July 4th, The UMS will not only celebrate our heritage as a country, but our heritage as a music festival as well. We’re proud to enter our 14th year supporting the best local and underground performers Denver has to offer, this July 24-27th.

We want you there to party with us.

Get your 4 Day Pass now for just $50 (they’re $75 day of).

Celebrate independence. Support independents. Buy passes today.

See you at The UMS.

Buy Tickets To The UMS!

Paste Magazine Gives The UMS Some Love

Paste Magazine assembled a list of seven lesser-known nationwide summer festivals for 2014, and The Underground Music Showcase made the cut! We’re so grateful to Paste for the shoutout. It’s truly an honor to be included on what turned out to be an incredible list!

Check out the article here to see the other awesome festival listed along side us.

And then you know, see why The UMS made the list in the first place! Get your 4-day pass now.


Blonde Redhead, People Under the Stairs, Miniature Tigers, many others added to lineup.

The UMS added 92 artists to play the 2014 lineup.
The addition of Blonde Redhead, and People Under the Stairs, Miniature Tigers, Astronautalus and Gardens & Villa strengthen a lineup already featuring Real Estate, The Men, Baths and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.  Click here to buy passes.  Get them before you can’t!

 Tickets on Sale Now!

Visit Colorado names The UMS one of 12 Quintessential Colorado Summer Festivals

We are honored to appear beside the Likes of Telluride Bluegrass Festival and the Vail International Dance Festival on Visit Colorado’s listing of 12 Quintessential Colorado Summer Festivals.  As they said, “The Underground Music Showcase is the perfect place to witness Colorado and Denver’s exploding music scene. The Denver Post hosts this annual bonanza in Denver’s Broadway neighborhood. Every space viable for an intimate jam session opens its doors for music-lovers looking to discover the next Billboard-topping band.” – See their entire list here.