Sure, The UMS is all about discovering awesome new music, hanging with friends, drinking, and maybe getting a little weird. But you can learn stuff too! Check out these great educational panels from experts across a variety of industries.

This program has been made possible by Colorado Creative Industries and is being produced Something Independent.  Colorado Creative Industries, a division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development & International Trade, sees a future where Colorado is a premiere “Creative Economy.” It is CCI’s goal for Colorado to “grow its own” creative workforce and, therefore, supports professional development programs in all disiplines of the arts.



Get Your Music “Placement-Ready”: A Copyright Workshop


Time:  11:00am – 12:30pm

Location:  The SESH @ Klipp Architecture201 Broadway

Description:  Like the idea of getting paid for your music? Licensing and placement for movies, TV and commercials can be a lucrative market, but only if your music is Placement Ready. The crucial first step in that process is to have your works registered with the Copyright Office. In this Artists in Sync Workshop, Music Attorney Dave Ratner explains the benefits of copyrighting your music and walks you through the process.

Hosted in Partnership with Artists in Sync

Featuring: Dave Ratner| Artists in Sync | Principal at Creative Law Network


Philanthropy & Music


Time:  1:00pm – 2:30pm

Location:  The SESH @ 414 Broadway

Description:       Music has proven over time to be a uniting force for people in all walks of life. It empowers individuals and helps children lead more full and productive lives. Hear from local and international organizations who are using music to unite the world’s cultures, enrich the lives of children and citizens, and educate us in healthy living.


Itefe Vita – DJ Cavem | Artist

Tyler Breuer | Youth on Record

Katie Poppert | Love Hope Strength

Joel Goulder | Playing for Change

Moderator:     Mel Aman, Director of Development | Levitt Pavilion


The Changing Industry:

How Digital Platforms are Affecting the Way We Consume Music


Time:  3:00pm – 4:30pm

Location: The SESH @ 414 Broadway

Description:       Through its short history, the music industry’s trajectory has been rocked by major technologic innovations that drastically altered how we acquire and listen to music. From Napster to Radiohead’s “In Rainbows” pay-what-you-want release to the current success of out-of-the-college-dorm taste maker blogs, technology continues to change the relationship of fans to artists and artists to fans.  The panel will discuss how digital platforms have changed how musicians make a living off of their art and the political topic of Net Neutrality and the challenges it presents to musicians and the music industry.



Nick Guarino, Founder |

Kevin Carlisle, VP of Product Development| Digitally Imported

Michael Bracey, Attorney | Future of Music Coalition – Washington

 Jesse Elliott, Musician | Ark Life

Moderator:        Ian O’Dougherty, Manager | Ian Cooke





Bands and Brands: What’s Driving These Emerging Partnerships?


Time:  2:00pm – 3:30pm

Location:  The SESH @ 414 Broadway

Description:       Partnerships have always been a key element in taking brands to the next level. This panel will explore the growing trend of band and brand relationships.  Featuring brands that provide expanding opportunities for music, and that have engaged meaningful and long term partnerships with the musicians, and musicians who work closely with brands that broaden their exposure and help reach new markets.



Dave Boger, Founder | Jiberish Clothing

Brianna Hernandez, Project Manager| Redbull Sound Select

Gary Wyman, Founder/Producer Winter on the Rocks| Icelantic Skis

Maria Kohler, Musician| Kitty Crimes

Moderator: Chuck Sullivan, Co-Founder | Something Independent