Paper Bird

Paper Bird

Sun, July 22, 2012

7:00 pm

Main Stage at SSFCU

This event is all ages

Paper Bird
Paper Bird
Since the band’s formation over 5 years ago, Paper Bird has been playing it’s joyful
blend of folk, roots, and americana to delighted audiences across the country. Their
unique sound is a combination of a dynamic and energetic rhythm section intertwined
with effortless and flowing harmonies. The group’s backbone is their songwriting,
musicianship and general allergy to all limitations and trends. With seven members and
no leader, the possibilities are ever unfolding, with fluctuations in style and mood akin to
weather patterns. A household name across Colorado, Paper Bird continues to tour and
develop it’s voice and presence across the country. With 3 full length albums and
several national tours under their belt, Paper Bird has steadily grown in both their
success and sound while continuing to expand and explore what the band can do

The seven members of the band include: Mark Anderson (drums), Sarah Anderson
(voice, trumpet), Paul DeHaven (guitar), Esme Collins (voice), Genevieve Patterson
(voice), Caleb Summeril (banjo, guitar), and Macon Terry (bass). Each individual writes
songs for the group and this keeps new material rolling of the shelf at a healthy pace.
Paper Bird’s live performances showcase the diversity and good-time vibe of the group
while providing a fresh and unique take on a sound that has a tendency to bring the
listener back to a different era. Young in age but timeless in spirit, Paper Bird
continually captures the hearts of new listeners and long-time fans. Their rare and
beautiful approach to music led them to be featured on NPR’s All Things Considered
and were voted in the Top 10 Best Underground Bands by the Denver Post three years
in a row, as well as being 5280’s Top of the Town 2009 “Top Local Band”.
Venue Information:
Main Stage at SSFCU
21 S Broadway
Denver, CO, 80203