Petals Of Spain

Petals Of Spain

Thu, July 19, 2012

10:00 pm

Moe’s Original Bar B Que

This event is all ages

Petals Of Spain
Petals Of Spain
There's nothing better than a(n) in-the-pocket rhythm section, but when you add 4-5 part vocals, a one-man horn section, intricate melodies, and an uncompromised drive for originality you'll feel Petals of Spain.
On venturing on this musical puzzle started, the pieces fit together snugly. The fusion and functionality of the band was immediate.
With a debut show coming in December 2008 at Hodi's Half Note, Petals slammed a show together with two weeks of practice, realizing they were embarking on something truly special. The show was a great celebration, and they continued celebrating accordingly.
Lead vocalists Hunter and Nic met over a McDonald's lunch in London in 2001, but weren't reacquainted until 2004 when they worked on their first song together "Rooftop Serenade."
Wesley, George, and Nic met at Denver School of the Arts where they attended high school. All different majors, it was jazz that initially brought them together. Jazz to this day remains to be a big influence for all members.
When it came time to bring the band together the only thing missing was a bassist. Here's where you have to appreciate open jam's, because Wes had recently met a 'tasty funk player'; Mason Shelmire. Hesitant at first, the band's first apartment jam proved very successful. They now had a foundation and could hit the ground running.
Though this crucial economic time is not the most ideal to start a band, there's nothing that pushes the band to pursue performing than human connection. "Human connection can water any seed." What better a place than Denver to develop those connections?
Support from friends/family, and every individual whose musical minds are touched is what keeps Petals pushing through. .."Audience connection is everything, and we are excited for a world audience..."
Working on building their library, Petals of Spain has a mismatch of recordings from different studios. Despite the different soundscapes the response has been consistent. Eager to get into the studio and experiment with more of their songs, each member is actively writing as well as attending school.
Without an encumbering genre, Petals of Spain is a musical melting pot. "Using a positive approach, each song is its own. We don't limit ourselves by any means, and strive to do what's right for each song."
The world should be ready for an ear-full of flavor from every bite from the Petals melting pot, and eager at least for a sample. Their energy will have you dancing before the songs over, while their tight and complex vocal harmonies hit all the right hair follicles.
Inspired by The Beatles, PofS isn't sure what the future holds but they have high aspirations. With almost two albums worth of recording ready to be taken into the studio, each member is currently writing and maintaining the standard they've set.
Venue Information:
Moe’s Original Bar B Que
530 Broadway
Denver, CO